room for improvement
Recently one of my students commented that although she`s been coming to yoga for years, she doesn\'t feel like she`s getting any better at it. This led me to consider the idea of yoga/life balance; even though we may practice regularly once or twice a week, it`s what we do when we`re off the mat that makes the greatest impact in our lives.

Samuel Johnson wrote `The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.` This is why we need the discipline of the physical practice combined with mindfulness in our daily living so that what we discover supports us and we don`t just collapse back into familiar patterns of moving, thinking, breathing, feeling and acting as soon as we roll up the mat.

So how best to invest in yourself on a regular basis? Finding the discipline to practice on your own can be challenging, so I encourage you to find inspiration and support through your yoga community. Keep a look out for local workshops and events - if you`re just stepping onto the path, or need some encouragement to continue your journey, an opportunity for the joy of shared practice awaits you.

om shanti Tuesday