BWY London Festival
bbcode(THE LONDON YOGA FESTIVAL IS ON A MISSION. We believe that the ancient wisdom of yoga has an important role to play in these modern times. Our theme this year is: Kriya - Action through Yoga How do we create positive change through our actions? How can we improve our relationships and habits to inspire a better society and enjoy a happier and healthier life that also gives back to the world? How can we understand better what is going on by increasing our awareness and abilities? How can we best live and act? The London Yoga Festival has carefully chosen senior teachers who represent excellence in their field, with deep knowledge and experience in yoga. All the major authentic yoga approaches are celebrated and students are free to explore deeper to find which path suits them best. We promise a whole weekend of yoga immersion suitable for everyone, beginners and serious practitioners and yoga teachers alike. Come practice, listen, watch, debate, learn, be inspired, connect, all without the distractions and illusion of commercial stalls. We will all leave motivated, lighter and most important hopeful that each one of us can be change agents today, in our own unique way [url][/url])