Despite all our best intentions there are times we can’t get to a class, or even roll out the yoga mat at home. 

Tiny Yoga is a way of staying connected to the practice, by cultivating a continuous thread of awareness that runs through your life.

It’s easy to do, doesn’t cost anything, feels good and can be practiced anywhere – at home, at work, in the supermarket – the possibilities are endless.

So here are some Tiny Yoga moves to carry you through the day.

  • Pause at your front door as you leave the house. Take 3 conscious breaths and feel the air moving through your body.
  • Keep your shoulders away from your ears.
  • Whether you’re standing or sitting, be aware of your connection to the earth beneath you and ground yourself with the soles of your feet.

Ultimately Tiny Yoga is about taking your practice off the mat and into your life – I’d love to hear your suggestions. Send me your Tiny Yoga experiences and I’ll share them on this page.